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  •  Before starting: If we reach the first Kickstarter goal, I will work to draw and implement this frightening Kraken into the game!

What is Aveliana?

Aveliana is neither yet another platformer,  nor another Metroidvania, nor another rogue-lite! It’s an infiltration-action-adventure game with an original, diverse, and extremely fun gameplay (have a try on the demo on  Gamejolt!). 

Aveliana is a 2.5D game with a unique gameplay: based on the detection pattern of enemies, you find your own route through the worlds. All the enemies can be avoided in the idea of a commandos-like. The gameplay is ultra-dynamic because it is focussed on a single character, Aveliana. 

If you feel one path is too complicated or you want to explore a new route, it is always possible to find a secret path, in which the game smoothly transition from 2.5D to a 2D platformer. And if you are tremendous, you can choose to stand and fight your enemies!

The gameplay is constantly renewed in Aveliana thanks to the many enemies that I have crafted for you. Each of them has a different detection and attack pattern. Big enemies, like robots, can not be directly targeted because they are too tall. However, Aveliana has other tricks in her bag. All along with the game, you will also unlock new abilities to build your character. 

 Aveliana is also a game with beautiful environments that you will want to explore to discover all the secrets of the game (and you can contribute to it in some rewards!). Each level has a different environment and atmosphere. Sometimes, after an action-packed sequence, you will have the joy to admire the landscape before continuing the adventure! After a long journey in an environment entirely hand-drawn, you will face fierce and unique bosses!

What makes Aveliana unique?

The gameplay, the story, and the art style!

  • Unique and diverse stealth gameplay
  • Precise and fast gameplay for experts (speedrunners!), and adjustable for occasional gamers
  • A game that will delight artists!
  • Hand-drawn wonderful environments!
  • An adventure with an astonishing and unexpected story

 Why I am doing this Kickstarter? 

The main reason to kickstart this project is that I would like to raise funds to attend game events and promote the game. I think many beautiful indie games have been forgotten because no one knew they ever existed. 

Then I would like to be able to afford to pay the people who are gratefully contributing to the game. I am specifically thinking about the game music that has been made by two collaborators and I think the music is so great that these guys deserve more than what they are asking for.

I also think doing a Kickstarter is a great way to make me prepare some good quality videos, game pitch, screenshots… that will be useful in the future so I also take this fundraising as a personal experience. I think this experience, as well as game development, will bring me many things in the future.

  • The Kickstarter goal of 12K will greatly help me with this project! It will also unlock the Kraken (a unique mini-boss that I will design, draw, and implement in the game!).
  • The two stretch goals are important bonuses! The first one is a totally new world and environment for the game that I will draw, design, and implement! 
  • If the second stretch goal is reached, I will have the opportunity to develop the game on Switch! That would be the first console on which Aveliana would be playable.

TheFrenchDev on social media!

Since I have started the project, about 7 months ago, I have grown a community of more than 6K followers on InstagramTwitter, and Discord. This has been an exceptional journey with a lot of awesome feedback. I would love it if you’d like to participate in it, follow me, discuss with me, and make the game even greater than it is right now! And you can find news about the game, about the Kickstarter, about Steam release, etc.