About me

I’m Romain (TheFrenchDev) a French indie game developer from La Rochelle! I have started this project at the end of February 2020 and I literally fell in love with game development. Since then, I have been working on Aveliana every day during my free time (from 6 pm to midnight). It has become my passion and the development has gone so well that I have quickly been able to share playable demos with people. This has motivated me, even more, to continue working on it and make it as fun, interesting, and enjoyable as possible.

I jumped in the game development suddenly but I have a background in programming since I am a theoretical physicist and I have painted and drawn all my life. This has helped me a lot during the whole journey since I haven’t had to remove any good idea for the game because of technical limitations.

TheFrenchDev (Romain)