Aveliana, an action-infiltration indie game!

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What is Aveliana?

Aveliana is an infiltration-action-adventure game in 2.5D with unique and diverse gameplay: based on the detection pattern of enemies, you find your own route through the worlds. All the enemies can be avoided in the idea of a commandos-like. The gameplay is ultra-dynamic because it is focussed on a single character, Aveliana.

If you feel one path is too complicated or you want to explore a new route, it is always possible to find a secret path, in which the game smoothly transition from 2.5D to a 2D platformer. And if you are tremendous, you can choose to stand and fight your enemies!

The gameplay is constantly renewed in Aveliana thanks to the many enemies that I have crafted for you. Each of them has a different detection and attack pattern. Big enemies, like robots, can not be directly targetted because they are too tall. However, Aveliana has other tricks in her bag. All along with the game, you will also unlock new abilities to build your character.

Aveliana is also a game with beautiful environments that you will want to explore to discover all the secrets of the game. Each level has a different environment and atmosphere. Sometimes, after an action-packed sequence, you will have the joy to admire the decor before continuing the adventure! After a long journey in an environment entirely hand-drawn, you will face fierce and unique bosses!

Why inventing a new gameplay?

A few genres in indie videogames are overrepresented such as platformer, Metroidvania, or rogue-like! With Aveliana I want to bring novelty to indie games with a fun and original gameplay! It’s an infiltration-action-adventure game with an original, diverse, and extremely fun gameplay

Jump into the adventure and play the demo on Gamejolt! 

What about the story?

While looking for three artifacts, Aveliana will wander a poetic yet dangerous world and discover about her and her environment! As in indie game developer and following my personal thoughts about our world, I wish to use the videogame as a media to share and carry meaningful messages. As a scientist, what passionate me the most is how a bunch of atoms can come to live, think, eat, love, etc. The fox that is the second most important character in the game is a symbol of natural beauty and cleverness that needs to be preserved! Aveliana is a strong and reckless bunch of pixels; she is guided by this fox and she starts to understand who she is thanks to him! The whole artistic design, being minimalistic and poetic, has been thought for you to enter into Aveliana’s story and to live a great experience!


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